Safety & Risk Management

“Don’t learn safety by accident!”

At Erickson Insurance Agency, Inc., we help you identify and eliminate safety risks that directly impact your business and your bottom line. Our goal is to partner with you to provide your employees with the safest working environment, thereby, reducing the frequency and repetition of workers compensation claims.

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Some of our client-specific services include:

  • Injury Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)
  • Early Return to Work Program (ERTW)
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  • Cal/OSHA Regulatory Compliance Forms
  • Incentive/Motivation Programs
  • Drug Screening Assistance
  • “Focus on Safety” Newsletter
  • New Hire Procedures
  • Safety Meetings and Seminars

Mission Statement

As an independent insurance agency, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality coverage at the most reasonable price. With honesty and integrity, our experienced team strives to provide dependable service in a professional manner, while cultivating long term relationships.